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City Drug, your Hometown Pharmacy

One of the perks of living in a small town is having a hometown pharmacy that you can depend on. When you know your pharmacists and their staff, you can be more confident that they know you, and are personally looking out for your pharmaceutical needs. And that often goes beyond just filling a prescription.

When you think your aches, pains or other conditions don’t quite warrant going to the doctor, your hometown pharmacist can help you find relief, or advise you when it’s indeed time to go see your doctor. And speaking of doctors, your hometown pharmacy knows all the area doctors personally and has an excellent rapport with primary care physicians and various specialists who work out of the hospital. This is especially helpful when it comes to resolving any conflicts between your medications.

Your local pharmacist, Albert Person Jr.

When it comes to flexibility, a hometown pharmacy offers you the most options in getting your prescription filled and in your hands when you need it. At City Drug, we offer free in-town deliveries and a handy drive-up window, if you don’t feel like stepping inside. And if you lose your medication and need a refill in a pinch, it’s reassuring to know your pharmacist is in town and ready to help.

We’re happy to be your hometown pharmacy, serving Brady for over 80 years. We’ve always been a family business and personalized service is what City Drug has always been about. (For a full history of City Drug, check our About Us page.)

Bring in your prescriptions some time and we can check for conflicts… and savings!

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