Women’s Health and Fitness

May is a wonderful time to focus on women’s health and fitness. The weather in McCulloch County, Brady and our surrounding Central Texas towns and villages is at its springtime best. Not too hot; not too cold. Just right!

It’s a great time to get involved in sports of all kinds and undertake physical activities that accomplish something outdoors while helping keep you fit, like gardening and tackling energetic cleanup or building projects.

May also means a celebration of Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 14th. We salute all moms and we’re proud to share with you the first lady of City Drug, Albert and Amy Pearson’s mother, Carrie Pearson. She’s the heart and soul of our business as well as being one of the best mom’s in the world! Carrie is usually working in the back of the store, but here she is pictured with Albert and Amy.

Also in May (14-20) it’s National Women’s Health Week, which is a nation-wide effort by an alliance of various government organizations dedicated to raising awareness about manageable steps women can take to improve their health.

Schedule your Check-ups

During National Women’s Health Week, it’s important for women to:

  1. Discuss with their doctor which health tests are right for them
  2. Determine when to have those discussions, and how often

Women are special (of course), and each individual is different. Fortunately, much can be determined now by the simple blood and urine tests your doctor orders prior to your routine yearly (or bi-yearly) exam. These tests can be performed right here in Brady at the hospital, after which your regular checkups become a breeze. Early detection of any possible problems is amazingly easy… provided you keep those appointments.

Self Check & Self Care

One of the most important routine examination is the one you can do yourself in the privacy of your home: self-exams to determine if there might be possible lumps forming in the breast. Here’s an excellent online step-by-step guide for undertaking this simple but very important private checkup: http://www.nationalbreastcancer.org/breast-self-exam

Maintaining regular check-ups is one of five primary health habits that can significantly improve a woman’s health. The other four are:

  • Undertake regular physical activity
  • Adopt and enjoy a healthy diet
  • Continue to not smoke tobacco and if you do, consider quitting
  • Follow general safety rules to avoid injury

We’ve discussed each of these areas in past blogs, so we encourage you to whisk through the various topics in past months and focus on the ones most appropriate for you.

Exercising all four limbs… and your heart

Examples of the very best lifetime sports for women which exercise the entire body are swimming, tennis, volleyball, basketball, cycling, running and dancing where you give all muscles a workout, plus the cardio for the most important muscle of all, your heart.

If you include golf, you’ll have to walk and carry your clubs to get a good workout. Golfing via golf carts, horseback riding, motorcycle or ATV riding and riding lawnmowers are mainly just exercise for the carts, horses and vehicles, but at least you’re outdoors getting fresh air.

If you prefer workouts indoors at a gym, be sure you engage a qualified trainer to help make sure you perfect the right, safe workout that suits your individual needs. And if you undergo strength training in the privacy of your home, be sure the source of your exercises is equally reputable.

Physical contests for good causes

Last October, Brady held its second annual wild hog wrestling contest in which many local girls and women took part. A few teams  participated as a way of raising funds for Hope from the Heart that assists local cancer patients. Sue Lubke and her daughter did an especially admirable job (both women conquered breast cancer).

Whatever your choice of activities, the most important thing is to keep your weight in check, exercise routinely, sensibly and safely, and most of all… have fun!





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