Watch Your Mouth!

We here at City Drug are always focused on your health, and that includes your teeth! Neglecting your teeth can lead to more than painful cavities, but with the right healthy habits, you and your dentist can be smiling after your next visit. Ideally those visits happen twice a year, by the way. Wait, it’s been how many years since you’ve been? Ok… we’d better get started then.

Kids with Clean Mouths

Kids love to imitate, including good brushing habits!

Good oral hygiene starts very early in life and lasts all your life. Wiping an infant’s mouth after feeding with a water-moist cloth, gauze, or one of those soft baby toothbrushes, gets rid of harmful bacteria and makes those tender gums feel better as those 20 baby teeth start to form. Remember: no teeth, no toothpaste.

dentist-158225_1280Baby teeth are the guides for permanent teeth. From the time the first baby tooth appears, brushing twice a day is important, even if there isn’t much to brush. After the first birthday, your little ones can start seeing the dentist. Yay! (You may be more excited about this than they are)

The best way to teach a young child how to brush, spit, rinse and spit again is by doing it with them. Let them imitate you in the mirror. Little ones love to imitate, so make it fun. As they get older, letting kids select their own brushes and toothpastes can keep them excited about brushing.

Brush, spit, rinse, spit again… and floss

Don’t forget to show off your hard work!

There are lots of ways to do these important steps. The spitting part should be easy. The trick to brushing is to mostly brush up and down to get what’s stuck in between the teeth. When you get to the back end of a row, circle around and try to give each tooth the attention it deserves. Electronic toothbrushes are more affordable than ever and can really put the shine on each tooth.

Tickle your tongue

More than teeth need brushing. Brushing your tongue can be fun! It tickles a bit, but there’s a bunch of bacteria on a tongue that needs to go away (and not swallowed). Simply end the brushing routine with the tongue tickle, spit, rinse, and a final spit. Now look at those clean teeth in the mirror and appreciate your work. You did it!

How about those Halloween treats?

Next door, Lowes is in the spirit too

Halloween is one of those really fun times of the year, especially around Central Texas towns, like Brady, Mason and Eden, where everyone knows everyone and it’s a little safer to go out Trick or Treating.

Our local schools have some terrific celebrations. That’s  great for the kids who live on ranches and farms and don’t have door-to-door neighbors.

For those who come knocking on your door, there are many candy options on the market. Next door at Lowes, you’ll find a nice variety, including gluten-free and peanut-free treats for anyone with food allergies.

Most still have plenty of sugar though, so try to pace yourself.

Stop by and show us your costumes

All Halloween season, when your little ones are in costume… Bring them with you to City Drug and we’ll have a tasty sugar-free treat for them.

Have fun! Stay safe! And remember to brush!


We hope you enjoy the City Drug Monthly Health Tips. Leave us a comment on Facebook or stop by the pharmacy and share your thoughts. We always look forward to hearing from our neighbors!