Summertime Survival Guide

It’s August and the temperature in Central Texas is set to bake. The sure way to beat the heat is to stay out of it in the “heat of the day.” If you haven’t gotten your outdoor physical chores or exercise done by 10am, you might want to put them off until the end of day when it cools off a bit. Try to stay indoors with the air conditioners on, and if you don’t have AC, find a cool place, like the library, to visit for a few hours.

IMG_5740Take advantage of all the free summer recreation spots in our area. Brady Lake, for instance, is a wonderful place for family fun and there’s always something special going on in our lovely parks. Remember to stay out of the direct sun between 11am and about 6pm during our current daylight savings time hours. And don’t forget to use plenty of sunscreen, especially on young children. There are many varieties but we can help you find the right sunscreen for you and those you care for.

Keep Cool & Carry On

Try not to overdo when playing or working outdoors. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can come on unexpectedly, especially for those who are older, heavier, or frail. If you’re feeling a bit woozy or your muscles are cramping up, stop what you’re doing and sit down in the shade, preferably with your feet up. Have a drink (of water!) and relax for as long as it takes to recover. If symptoms persist, see your doctor. Drink plenty of good, clean water all day long during these closing days of deep summer. Some tap waters in our area remain questionable but can been treated by a good reverse osmosis (RO) system. Otherwise, bottled water is always a safe bet.

Home Brewed Tea

We Texans love our tea, with plenty of ice. But did you know that caffeine is one of the things to avoid in the hot Texas heat? We all know there’s caffeine in regular coffee and most soft drinks, but seldom do we question our sweet tea. You may not realize it, but regular tea, especially when it’s brewed strong and dark, contains lots of caffeine. If you’re feeling overly caffeinated, herbal or decaf tea can by a delicious alternative, especially during the hot summer.

We’re hearing more and more about the benefits of lemon water these days. That’s right, just lemon and water. Lemonade is delicious too but often contains a great deal of sugar or sugar-substitute. A nice glass of cool lemon water can not only be refreshing and quench your thirst, but it’s extremely good for your entire body.

IMG_5717Happy Feet

Your poor feet take a beating anytime, but in the summer those poor little tootsies of yours are the first to feel the burden of our really hot Texas heat. If you feel cramping or see swelling in your feet, that’s an easy first signal that it’s time to give them – and you – a welcome rest. Ideally, put them in cool water. Or at least elevate them until you’re feeling better.

Siesta Time

Hang in there, summer’s almost over!

It’s helpful to remind yourself that Texas was originally part of Mexico and a time-honored tradition in Mexico is to take a siesta in the heat of the day. Anyone with a loose work schedule can celebrate this tradition during our deep summer. Don’t think of it as a nap; think of it as a good old-fashioned Siesta. You’ll be amazed how refreshed you’ll feel. You’ll then be able to better enjoy the cool of the early mornings and our lovely evenings having had that nice long sleep… preferably in the comfort of your air conditioned bedroom, or in a comfy hammock in the shade.




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