Men’s Health

June is when we honor all the dads on Father’s Day and it’s also National Men’s Health Month, so guys, this issue is about you.

Health: It’s up to you now

When men are young, Moms pretty much take charge of their health issues. They make sure teeth get brushed (all of them!) and that daily baths or showers are taken (with soap!). They clean and bandage wounds and haul you to the doctor when needed. Schools make sure vaccinations are up to date and basically everyone around a growing boy helps make sure that boy grows into a strong, healthy man.

That’s particularly so in Brady and in and around the other small towns here in Central Texas. As adults, we watch out for the health and well-being of all our children, because we know all of them so well.

Don’t be afraid to visit your doctor

But once out on their own, men tend to not take care of themselves all that well. In general, men often ignore early signs of illness, shy away from regular medical checkups, and are generally more concerned about the health and welfare of others than they are of themselves. But guys, you need to stay healthy! Others depend on you.

Here at City Drug, we’re always available to talk about health issues and options. Here are a few areas to keep in mind:

Vitamins and Supplements

capsule-1079838_1920.jpgVitamins come in all kinds these days. Chewables for children, special ones for women, and now we have a ready assortment of vitamins just for men, and even special ones for men over 50. Drop by when you have the time and our staff will gladly explain the difference in products and help you chose the vitamins and supplements that are just right for you.

Prostate Health

Early detection of prostate problems is amazingly simple now, requiring just a simple blood test that measures your PSA count. In addition, men over 40 are generally advised to have a yearly prostate exam by a physician. When detected early and kept in check, prostate problems can be avoided. If something does show up, finding that something early means it’s much easier to treat.

Keeping Cholesterol in Check

“Have you ever tried vegetables?”

At the same time your doctor orders your PSAs measured, you’ll also be tested for cholesterol levels, which will indicate how well your diet is providing you with high HDLs (your “good” cholesterol) and LDLs, which you want to keep relatively low. Keeping your cholesterol in check is one way to help prevent heart disease as is eating right and getting proper routine exercise and fresh air. Check out our March issue on Nutrition. If your doctor recommends medication to help control your weight or cholesterol levels, our pharmacists here at City Drug will help explain your prescription and how certain foods or supplements might also help.

A Healthy Heart

Unfortunately heart disease is all too common in men but there is quite a bit you can do to prevent and treat it, especially if addressed early. Checking your blood pressure regularly and having your doctor arrange a routine EKG are the basic tools for detection. Come in to City Drug anytime, take a load off and sit in our comfy blood pressure monitoring chair and see how you’re doing.

Exercise your heart muscle

But how about the basic causes of heart disease? It’s pretty much the same for females. Stress and obesity are the main culprits, so maybe its time to shed those extra pounds by avoiding fast foods, sugary drinks and overly processed foods. Routine exercise and a sensible diet can add tremendous quality and years to your life. Check back to our April issue on Stress Awareness. Some of the tips in that department may help you manage any negative stresses you’re under.

When you come in to check your blood pressure, ask us for one of our little blue stress balls. They’re free and kinda fun to fiddle with. And… they work!

Unhealthy “Manly” Habits

Men tend to smoke tobacco more than women do and lots of men chew tobacco, especially here in rural Texas. It turns out, The Marlboro Man isn’t a very healthy role model though. Smoking has a negative impact on your cholesterol levels and heart health and we JUST talked about how important those are! Smoking has also been proven to lead to lung cancer and chewing tobacco has been proven to lead to mouth cancer. A tooth pick however, has been proven to look just as cool without the negative health side effects. In addition to looking cool, you can brush up on some tooth pick related magic tricks to dazzle your friends.

Play It Safe

“I used to could”

June is also National Safety Month and men taking risks is way too much of a  Texas tradition around here. Oil field accidents, heavy equipment accidents, lifting heavy loads improperly… the list is long. A common problem for men, especially those who were athletes in their younger days, is what’s called “Old Pro Syndrome.” That’s when you overdo when working out or playing a sport because you think you can do what you did when you were younger… and in better shape.

Unless you’ve been working out regularly and sensibly, you may end up with pulled muscles, aches and pains during that game. We have lots of remedies, but it’s so much better if you avoid getting injured altogether. Be smart out there guys! Again, others depend on you, and need you whole, safe, and healthy.

Enjoy your summer and stop on by to let us know how you’re doing!


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